CryptoPHD OTC: Exclusive Sale for BEST Token

3 min readMar 30, 2021

Dear PHDers,

CryproPHD is about to start the OTC trading of BEST token. CryptoPHD is the exclusive sales channel for BEST token. Please check the official authorized information here:

OTC Trading Details:

  1. 6666 BEST token quota is available for CryptoPHD community members.
  2. Release Method: 30% will be released after public sale (about by the end of April) 70% will be released monthly (10% for each month and will be out in 7 months).

3. The initial OTC price is $5, and the price will increase by $0.5 for each $5000 raised. (for example, Amy is the first one transfer 5000usdt, then she will get 1000 BEST at $5; and Bob is the second one transfer 5000usdt, then he will get 909 BEST at $5.5; Chris is the thrid one who transfer 10000usdt, then he will get 833BEST at $6 and 769 BEST at $6.5, so he will get 1602 BEST in total, and so on).

4. Due to the high gas fee of ETH, we only accept investment more than 500U, and transfers less than 500U will be returned within 10 working days

USDT Receiving ERC20 Address: 0x94acfAC66a8524EAA9b974b3322Cb9A2bd330558

Note: Please use ERC20 wallet to transfer your usdt, for example, metamask, imtoken and other ERC20 wallets! Do not use any exchange wallet to send USDT, any user who invests using the exchange wallet will not be able to receive BEST tokens and will not be refunded.

OTC participation is voluntary. There is no refund upon successful participation.Please think carefully before you invest!

About BEST

BEST is a leading project of Hashrate Token 2.0.

Hashrate token is not a neologism. Binance was the first to launch the hashrate token BTCST and soon after, Poolin also issued similar tokens. These tokens are all decentralized financial ecology based on BTC hashrate. Their value is guaranteed through anchoring to the hashrate of Bitcoin mining machines.

BEST is an upgraded version of Hashrate Token 1.0 and represents a leading project in the Hashrate Token 2.0 field. It successfully inter-connects the entire blockchain mining industry and establishes an integrated DeFi ecology, such as integrative finance, mining lending, mining insurance, and cross-chain ecology. Holding hashrate token 2.0 of BEST is equivalent to holding hashrate mining tokens of the entire mining industry, and therefore the income is more diversified!

Holding BEST is legally and functionally equivalent to owning BTC and ETH potential hashrate. One BEST is equivalent to 0.01TH/S (BTC) hashrate and 0.03MH/S (ETH) hashrate. BEST holders can obtain BTC and ETH mining rewards by staking BEST tokens on the chain. In addition to obtaining BTC and ETH mining income, BEST holders can also obtain mining rewards of MUSK (the ecological platform token) by providing liquidity to the BEST ecosystem. BEST will continue to provide more high-quality asset mining permissions in the future. By holding BEST, users have the mining access to all high-quality projects and enjoys a full range of benefits.

BEST Twitter:


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CryptoPHD reserves all rights of final interpretation of this activity.

If you have any questions during the course of the event, please contact our community manager @Lawrence2016, we will contact you at the first time to solve your problems!