Blockchain Market Analysis on Dec 17, 2020

【Summary of yesterday 】

We finally witnessed this moment. Last night everyone witnessed the 20,000 historical mark. After 11 years, we finally broke the high point again. Yesterday, I also looked at Google and Baidu Trend Indexes. Up to now, the search index is just the same as in July 2019, which is far from the search volume of the 2017 bull market. Therefore, 20,000 is the beginning.

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange will launch Ethereum futures on February 8, 2021, and traditional institutions are accelerating their deployment. Hundreds of millions of hedge funds were used for buying more than $600 million in BTC and ETH, all of which are real money purchased regardless of cost. Whether it is expected by the entire market or by the entire organization, they are all optimistic about the future development of encrypted assets. Therefore, everyone must seize this excellent opportunity and do not sell the assets in their hands easily. Hold them, and hold them firmly.

【Blockchain market analysis】

As I said before, once the positions of 19500 and 19600 are firmly established, it will rise to the 20000 mark. If it breaks through the 20000 mark, the market will rise faster. At the daily level, yesterday it pulled from the lowest of 19280 to the highest of 21560, an increase of nearly $2,300. The upward signal is firm. In fact, everyone knows that the big trend is rising. In this case, it is the best choice to be a long-term currency holder. How many people get out of the car because of the wave, it is more uncomfortable to go empty than to lose money. At the 4-hour level, the rise is accelerated after breaking through the upper edge of the range. After breaking through the 20000 mark, there will be no top. The space is unlimited. Just leave it to the market. However, there is one thing to remind that you should pay special attention to risks when it accelerates rising.

To sum up: Breaking through the 20,000 mark, the market has just begun; Facing accelerated rising, we need to pay attention to short-term risks.

Reminder: Pay attention to the stop-loss, and reduce the probability of margin call; risk prevention is priority, then focus on yield.

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