Announcement of the Ttustbase Private Sale

1 min readFeb 21, 2021

Dear community,

Thank you for your support for TRUSTBASE private sale . We conducted a questionnaire survey in the early stage and found that everyone was very enthusiastic about investment. In order to get more quotas for everyone, our team negotiated with the TRUSTBASE team for many times, and finally we got the total quota of 30,000U. The cost of the first 5,000U is 0.04u, the cost of the next 5,000U is 0.05u, the cost of the next ten thousand u is 0.06u, and the cost of the last 10,000 u is 0.07u.
Please pay attention to the change of the total amount of the wallet address to determine whether to participate.
TRC20 address: TWsRwa59RgEvY2nDwSgsCcGmkMgbrDWeWz

For the members who did not get the private placement quota, please do not lose heart, CryptoPhD will provide you with more quality project opportunities, please stay tuned.

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