Announcement for Trustbase Token Distribution

1 min readMay 18, 2021

Dear CryptoPHDers,

We will distribute the Trustbase token soon. Please carefully read the following rules to get your token.

Due to the limited amount of Trustbase (TBE)’s investment, we are pleased to inform you that the address listed on the Google form below successfully participated in TBE’s private placement round and will receive your first installment of TBE Tokens — 30% of the total amount.

Please check out the address list here:

Please be noted that the TBE you receive will be the token on the HECO chain, so you will need to make another small transfer of less than 1$ (we will compensate it by TBE) using your original TRC20 investment address and write your HECO address on the transaction note/reference to ensure that your assets will not be claimed by others.

If your previous investment address is the exchange address, please contact our community manager @Lawrence2016 for further identifying process.

Thank you very much. Please help spread this information to your friends.

CryptoPHD Team