Announcement for BEST investment progress!

1 min readMay 13, 2021


Dear community,

There are two things you need to notice if you are an investor or you are following the information of BEST project.

First, the announced date (May 13th) for crowdfpooling of BEST on DODO is delayed. Please check out details on BEST official Twitter and wait for upcoming announcement:

Secondly, if you bought OTC $BEST token in the CryptoPHD community, we will distribute the token as soon as we receive the token. Please follow the below rules to receive your token, which is very important to ensure you can successfully receive the token:

Open a BEP20(BSC) wallet using the ERC20 address that you used to transfer USDT to us. If you forgot your address, please check the transfer record here: 0x94acfAC66a8524EAA9b974b3322Cb9A2bd330558. Please be noted, the token will be transferred to BEP20(BSC) not ERC20. If you haven’t successfully opened the BSC address until we start distributing the token, you may not receive the token.
For any questions, please PM @Lawrence2016 or @amy255 in CryptoPHD community.

CryptoPHD Team

May 13th, 2021