An In-depth Analysis to Help You Understand Hashrate Token 2.0: BEST

4 min readMar 31, 2021

Abstract: “Hashrate Token 1.0 is a decentralized financial system that is based solely on BTC hashrate power; Hashrate Token 2.0 refers to the decentralized financial ecosystem that inter-connects the entire blockchain mining industry (hashrate finance, lending & borrowing mining products, mining insurance, cross-chain ecology, etc.,). As a leading project in the Hashrate Token 2.0 field, BEST stands in the spotlight and again attracts the attention from the entire blockchain industry.”

In 2021, thanks to the help of the undergoing super bull market, the blockchain industry will is developing in full swing. An increasing number of global financial giants are entering the digital currency field. As the most stable investment method in the field, mining has once again become a hot option in major capital competition. However, the continuous “increase” of digital currencies have pushed up the prices of mining machine as well. With this background, hashrate token, which draws on the combinational effects of “DeFi + hashrate” embodies such advantages as decentralization, fairness, and low threshold and thereby represents a new wealth track in this bull market.

1 What is BEST?

BEST is a leading project of Hashrate Token 2.0.

Hashrate token is not a neologism. Binance is the first to launch the hashcoin token BTCST and soon after, Poolin also issued similar tokens. But these tokens are all decentralized financial ecology based on BTC hashrate. Their value is guaranteed through anchoring to the hashrate of Bitcoin mining machines.

BEST is an upgraded version of Hashrate Token 1.0 and represents a leading project in the Hashrate Token 2.0 field. It successfully inter-connects the entire blockchain mining industry and establishes an integrated decentralized financial ecology, such as integrative finance, mining lending, mining insurance, and cross-chain ecology. Holding Hashrate Token 2.0 of BEST is equivalent to holding hashrate mining tokens of the entire mining industry, and therefore the income is more diversified!

Holding BEST is legally and functionally equivalent to owning BTC and ETH potential mining rights. One BEST is equivalent to 0.01TH/S (BTC) hashrate and 0.03MH/S (ETH) hashrate. BEST holders can obtain BTC and ETH mining rewards by staking BEST tokens on the chain. In addition to obtaining BTC and ETH mining income, BEST holders can also obtain mining rewards of MUSK (the ecological platform token) by providing liquidity to the BEST ecosystem. BEST will continue to provide more high-quality asset mining permissions in the future. By holding BEST, users have the mining access to all high-quality projects and enjoys a full range of benefits.

2 BEST ushers in a new era of Hashrate Token

BEST is co-created by global mining giants. Major capitals are competing to invest in BEST.

Created by Weiss Crypto, Tandao Miner, Excellence Mining and other world-leading mining giants;

Its technical consultant was the former CTO of TRON;

F2Pool is the strategic partner for BEST’s hashrate supply;

The first hybrid hashrate token in the entire network, incorporating BTC+ETH hashrate;

The decentralization of the mining industry will be the next development trend, and the era of hashrate token 2.0 has just begun! BEST, as the cutting-edge project of Hashrate Toeken 2.0, through anchoring the hashrate of physical mining machines by value, establishes a more fair and just hashrate mining financial ecology! The birth of BEST represents gloabl mining giants are re-positioning the hashrate industry, which will have far-reaching siginificance!

Finally, as the leader on the Hash Token 2.0 track, BEST makes it easy for everyone to own their mining business. I believe that with the support of top-level capital and business models, BEST will take full advantage of the bull market craze, and be a massive success!

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